More Praise for Stephen Moyer’s upcoming “The Gifted” series

More praise for The Gifted. If you only want to add one new superhero show to your list (there are others coming) then you’ll want it to be The Gifted.

While it’s yet ANOTHER superhero show, this one has a lot of promise. For one, Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer both star in it, so there’s already the guarantee of good acting when they’re on screen. But this show is also going to be slightly different to all the other superhero shows. Marvel’s “The Gifted” brings a new twist to the “X-Men” mutant story.

The focus is on two siblings, who are mutants. They can’t tell their parents that because their dad is part of law enforcement. Mutants are hunted, captured, and who knows what by people like their dad (played by Moyer). Their mom (played by Acker) is devastated that they felt they couldn’t tell anyone, but knows that she needs to keep her kids safe. The parents work together to get their kids out-of-town.

They come across other mutants. Once Upon a Time and Reign fans will be happy to see Jamie Chung and Sean Teale appear in the show, and in what look like relatively main roles according to the trailer.

Stephen Moyer says: “There is no sort of stone left unturned in terms of just what they are doing. The sets are incredible, scripts are great.”

Watch the video below (Stephen’s portion begins at 42 secs. into the video):

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