More New Fan Creations for Bill Compton Seasons 2 & 4

fan creations

New fan creations for Bill Compton!

Billsbabe, Parise has created some new and great Bill GIF files. The first one is so new it’s hot off the presses since the promo for Season 4 was just released this morning.

Season 4 GIF File of Bill

A new Season 4 promo was just released this morning, and we already have some great GIF files from it below.


Season 2 GIF Files of Bill

And here are two from one of my all-time favorite Season 2 episodes,’Hard Hearted Hannah’ and I love them in black and white.


Thanks to Parise for sharing her work.


  1. They’re just too marvelous, too marvelous for words (channeling an old, old song), and so is our beloved Bill. Thanks, Parise, for these beauties. Terrific work!!

  2. Wow! I haven’t caught the promo yet, but those gifs were crazy! Can’t wait til June 26th and beyond.

  3. Love these! The B & W from S2 are sooo damn sexy, and Bill looks dangerous and hot in S4 —– Yipee!

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