Mill Valley Film Festival video interviews with Stephen Moyer & Denis O’Hare

At last weekend’s Mill Valley Film Festival, Phillip Siddiq interviewed both Stephen Moyer, director and Denis O’Hare, writer about their film, The Parting Glass. Phillip did his interviews on the Red Carpet at the Festival. 

Ths first video is with Stephen who directed the film and of course, is most remembered by us and all for True Blood! I love the smile from Steve in the photo above, don’t you?

From his interpretation of shooting the film, he, the crew and the cast seem to have had a blast making it. Phillip and Steve also talked about ‘The Gifted’ and Steve revealed how he created a new alter ego called Mr. Cumbles!!! The name was born because Reed Strucker, his character on The Gifted, has finally manifested his powers in Season 2 and, at least for now, Reed seems to crumble everything he touches. However, I have a feeling that Reed will figure out eventually how to control those amazing powers he has inherited from his family, the Von Struckers.

Watch the Stephen Moyer interview video below:

Also at the Mill Valley Film Festival 2018 Denis O’ Hare was interviewed about his writing for the script of ‘The Parting Glass’. The True Blood alum and Phillip also talk waffles!!!!

Watch the video with Denis O’Hare below:

source: Phillip Siddiq on YouTube


  1. Enjoyed both interviews. Thanks for providing. I had to giggle at Steve’s Mr. Crumbles. Glad to see Denis promising some humor. And I could go for some waffles right now.

  2. As always, a fun and informative interview with Stephen Moyer. I’m envious of those who work with him. He’s got to be such fun on the set…Mr. Crumbles!
    What a journey for Denis O’Hare, writing this intensely personal story, then portraying it on screen.
    I’m excited to see this next year!

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