Midseason Break for The Gifted S2 will end January 1 with new episodes & new time

Stephen Moyer’s TV show, The Gifted is now on its midseason break until January 1st at 9 pm, Fox has released a promo for the tenth episode of season 2 which gives some hints of what we should expect.

midseason break

What can we expect in the 10th episode:

The series picks up in its 10th episode after the explosion of the Atlanta Station. The Mutant Underground search for their friends and family who left with The Inner Circle. Having tracked them outside of Washington, D.C., they must contend with new groups.  These groups have extreme ideologies, both human and mutant alike, to stave off a brewing conflict.

Episode 10, “Enemy of My Enemy”, point to shifting allegiances within the Inner Circle. And the Mutant Underground, they’re dealing with similar problems of their own.

Lorna Dane, aka Polaris (Emma Dumont), has been loyal to the Inner Circle this season. Now having given her daughter to a family member, Lorna has rekindled something of her past relationship with Marcos Diaz (Sean Teale), Dawn’s father.

The biggest change in the next half of this season of The Gifted will be for Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lynd). Lauren has been a fierce defender of the Mutant Underground and one of the rare characters with a strong conscience. She has been beating herself up all season about the deaths she and her brother caused in Season 1 and has been doing everything in her power to keep the people around her safe. Her personal mission has gone beyond protecting her family, and she appears to strongly believe in the X-Men’s dream for mutant-kind.

And, just to keep Stephen Moyer fans satisfied, we’ve screenshot the bit he’s in from the promo!

See below:

source: flickeringmyth.com and https://huluwatcher.com


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