Michael McMillian Talks about Stephen Moyer Behind the Camera

Those of us here at AllStephenMoyer aren’t surprised at all to hear the praises coming from the cast members who have worked with Stephen Moyer as a director on True Blood.

Recently, I interviewed both Janina Gavankar and Carolyn Hennesy and both praised his skills.  Even Lauren Bowles tweeted about it.  When I met Alexander Woo at a party, he also said Stephen will be great in the job and we posted about it here. Now Giana Sobel from Inside True Blood’s Blog asked Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin, what it’s like to work with Moyer in such a different capacity (as the director of Season 5, Episode 8) and he had quite a bit to say:

“It’s clear Stephen has a deep appreciation for these characters and a need to dig into things a little deeper than usual to find the truth in each scene. He has a natural talent for directing. He’s really in his element behind the camera and brings a playful and wicked sense of humor with him. It was fun working with him. I felt like the parents had left town and our cool big brother was in charge of all us kids. He took his role seriously, but still managed to throw us a party.”

source: Inside True Blood Blog


  1. So nice to hear all the praise for Stephen’s directing, it sounds like an actors dream set. Very happy for him and I wish him more directing opportunities.

  2. Stephen must be a treat to work with.  I hope he has many more opportunities to direct; obviously, he’s a natural at it.

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