Michael McMillian on Bill Compton’s Possible Turn to the Dark Side

Bill hesitates when asked to feed.

Recently, Michael McMillian was interviewed by TV Guide. During the interview, he answered a question relating to Bill Compton’s possible turn to the dark side, i.e., is he no longer a purveyor of mainstreaming. Michael answered as follows:

McMillian: It’s interesting because I think that Bill has always clearly been a mainstreamer at heart. As far as we know, the only people he’s really fed on are people that he’s been in a relationship with. I think everyone’s playing a game at this point. I think he keeps his cards close to his chest. Obviously, he was keeping a secret from Sookie for three seasons that he had been sent there by Sophie to spy on her originally. Whether or not Bill is falling into step with the Authority and the new agenda is a bit of a mystery in the second half of the season.

Bill gives in to Salome

At the end of last week’s episode, we see Bill come up with a brilliant idea to defeat the main-streamers by blowing up True Blood factories. Eric looked as surprised as we were.

Bill evolves

Certainly, we might find out something in tomorrow night’s episode, but we want to hear your opinion? Is Bill becoming a worshiper of Lilith or, does he remain the mainstreamer we all know and love and it is all an act in order to beat the Authority?

Please leave us a comment below with your opinion.

source: tvguide.com


  1. I’ve seen a preview clip for episode 9 which shows more of Bill’s mindset.  Since 9 hasn’t aired yet, I won’t bring that into the discussion.  I want to believe that Bill remains a mainstreamer at heart, and is merely playing the Authority.  However, I really don’t know … he seems genuinely affected by seeing Lilith rise up from that bubble of blood.  If he does go to the dark side, I hope his stay there is short lived.

    1.  @Rowena75
       Having seen episode 9 now, i am hoping along with you, Rowena, that Bill finds his way back to his true self.  It is painful to see his descent into Salome’s web of lies and blood.  She really has to be staked – the sooner the better, IMO.   

  2. Right now I think Bill is floundering.  He is drawn to the Lilith philosophy because he’s seen the Authority for what it is: a bunch of power-hungry puppets who will profess allegiance to whomever has the most power.   His hopes for a governing body that is committed to mainstreaming, for the good of vampires and humans,  have been dashed.  He’s being wooed by Salome.  He’s without a foundation.  He’s starting to slide back into his old ways with Lorena, giving in to the dark side of his vampire nature.
    I think he needs a wake-up call.  Perhaps Eric, or Sookie, or Jessica can reach him before he completely gives up on his humanity.  I surely hope so.  He’s evolved so much in his relatively short vampire existence, I would be terribly sad if he gave up on all he’s worked for.  He needs a helping hand to remember who he really is.

  3. I find his switch from mainstreamer to Lillith-love too abrupt, and so very hard to accept.  He may have moments of uncertainty, but when he fed on the young woman, he had no choice but to perform in front of Salome. 
    That said, if he has truly lost his way, I hope he comes to his senses soon.

  4. I would like to believe Bill is playing the Authority.  From all his past actions for the last 4 seasons, that is what he does.  He plays along until he finds an opening to get himself out of situations. 
    If he isn’t playing along, then Bill needs alot of help, and Sookie is the only one that can help him regain his humanity.

    1.  @BillSookie4Ever
       Yes, it could be Sookie who is the key to returning to his humanity.  I also think Jessica could have a lot of influence on him, since she is his daughter, and he is, down deep, a family man.

  5. Even if,  and I do say if ,Bill has had a laspe of clarity and his beliefs have come in question, it will be  short lived.
    I have faith in Bill and I believe his true nature and strength of will, will prevail as always. 

  6. I think this is it for Bill I read somewhere that Eric was gonna be around for season 6 and they aint gonna kill Sookie off.My hearts breaking already!!

    1. However long this terrible s/l lasts, and however difficult it  will be to rise above, Bill will do so.  He is, underneath it all, a man who is basically good, generous, and kind.  We will see that Bill again.

    2. Bill is the male lead, he’s not going anywhere and Eric and he and Sookie will ALL be around for season six. Broken heart or not, Eric and Sookie are done.

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