Meet Dave, the latest addition to the Moyer-Paquin household

Nothing completes a family like a pet… or 2. Anna and Stephen have welcomed a new rescue pup to the Moyer-Paquin household and his name is Dave.

Anna tweeted that the death of their beloved Splash has left Banjo sad, but now he has a new buddy to play with. And what a cutie he is!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 21.27.15

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 21.27.46


  1. Dave is adorable!!  He looks like a lab or a lab mix.  Congratulations to the Paquin-Moyer household and to little Dave.

  2. Congratulations to Banjo too! bet he is over the moon with happiness to have another pup in the house to boss around! and the children are probably already his greatest admirers! HAPPY to hear that it was a rescue also! 
    Cheers! to their whole family.

  3. we had a black lab that grew up with our son She was a wonderful dog.She was 15 when Cancer got her,

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