Mariana Klaveno talks about episode 3.04 ‘It Hurts Me Too’ and Lorena

In a recent interview Kristin Dos Santos of E Online spoke to True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno about last night’s episode, specifically the last scene of ‘It Hurts Me Too’ with her and Stephen Moyer:

[That scene] was actually the most shocking thing that I’ve ever read in a television script,” Mariana says. “My jaw dropped on the floor when I read it and thought, ‘Oh my god, I actually have to do that?!

And that she did! But not without some words of wisdom from Alan Ball and the True Blood Powers That Be—well, sort of.

“[They said] ‘Here’s your script, pray that your parents will be okay when they watch this episode. They may not want to.’ It was a little uncomfortable, but we got through it.” Adds the actually very sweet Mariana: “I’m working with the best people from the writers to the producers to the other actors and at the end of the day, I’d rather be on a show that’s provocative and pushes the envelope than one that doesn’t.”

With all the hype around the smokin’ hot Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) this season, might Bill (Stephen Moyer) actually fall back in love with the evil one?! Mariana is coy, but says this: “You see some new dynamics in our relationship, and maybe a little bit more of the past—maybe some changes in our relationship as well.”

And for what it’s worth, I’m hearing we might actually—gasp!—like the character of Lorena by season’s end. There’s more to this lady than meets the eye.

Everybody hates me!” Mariana tells me playfully. “I’ll take it as a compliment. I’m acting! I promise. It’s not me in real life, I promise. I’m actually, normally a nice person. I do love playing her. She’s a delicious character to play.”



  1. Lorena is a delicious character. And Mariana plays her so well. I’m curious about a change in the dynamic between Bill and Lorena. Last night’s final scene between the two of them was absolutely explosive. Lorena loves him, no matter what he dishes out. And Bill … his loathing of her was written all over his face and in his physicality with her.

  2. As I said on another post – to me, Bill was raping Lorena. There was no caring or even attraction. He was punishing her for her power over him, for being right in saying he could never love a human without causing pain and harm to them,for being the reason Sookie would die if he attempted to defy the King.
    Yes, Lorena is fascinating. Mariana is a terrific actress, perfectly cast. She creates such a ruthless, yet, at times, vulnerable Lorena. Bill appears to be the only “weak spot” in her vampire armor. I wonder if he will ever be able to use her feelings for him against her?

    1. I know what you mean. I just mean from Bill’s POV it was an act of anger and violence. I didn’t see any sign of caring or even attraction. And his anguished cry at the end, I found it heartbreaking. It seemed to be a crying out at the loss of the humanity he had so clung on to for Sookie, and was now destroyed.

  3. There was no caring on Bill’s part … not for this woman. She stole his humanity from him, separated him from his wife and children and continues to plague him. Now he must repudiate Sookie, the woman who is his acknowledged miracle, in order to keep her safe. Lorena’s kiss was no doubt the last straw that sent him over the edge. I found it interesting that he didn’t remove his clothing. It spoke volumes to me of what he felt about Lorena. She didn’t merit the closeness of skin on skin.

  4. Okay, I haven’t rewatched it, and I always do, but this was disturbing. Is there any question that Bill as raping Lorena here, not that she doesn’t deserve his rage, but it’s definitely rape and then he tries to kill her while raping her, did I miss something? Perhaps missed the other emotional content, but I was prepared for a “disturbing” sex scene and there it was. Like Stephen said, we’ll see a much darker side of Bill in this season and so we have.

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