Mariana Klaveno says that Stephen Moyer is fantastic to work with

True Blood star, Mariana Klaveno who plays Bill’s maker, Lorena Krasiki complimented her co-star Stephen Moyer in a recent interview with The TV Chick.

In the interview, she says about Stephen:

Stephen is fantastic to work with. He’s an amazing guy, and a brilliant actor, obviously. He’s an incredibly generous actor. He’s always concerned about how you’re doing, and even if it’s somebody who’s only there for the day, who has a couple lines and is there for the day, he’s always concerned about if they’re being taken care of, if their experience is as good as it should be on the show, and that’s the qualities of a true leader, when you’re looking for someone to lead a cast and I have to say that Anna’s the same way. And they’re just the most wonderful people and a wonderful couple and extremely funny. And it’s just a joy to be around them and work with them.

Lorena and Bill in True Blood Seeason 2, Episode 6


  1. I read the interview at The Vault and enjoyed Mariana’s comments about Lorena. I’m looking forward to her scenes with Stephen this season.

    She has lovely words for both Stephen and Anna. They are a delight to read.

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