The Maker/Progeny Relationship of True Blood’s Bill and Jessica

Anyone who watched the last episode of True Blood, 7.09 “Love is to Die” knows that Bill released Jessica in the episode’s first scene. We think that their relationship was a quite beautiful one and were truly sad to see this maker release his progeny.

Below is a video of Bill and Jessica scenes that is very heartwarming. Although it’s from 2011, it’s still gets the message across of their love and respect for each other. What do you think?


The song that accompanies the video is Snow Patrol’s “Run.

photo credit: John P. Johnson, HBO


  1. i think she’s still his progeny, but just not under his dominion anymore? (yes, i know, i’m getting too picking with the wording!)

  2. People are forgetting he already released her when he came in to their home saying he’s no good and he released her because he couldn’t look after her. And she said no i’m not going anywhere i need you bill.

  3. But it doesn’t work that way, because she didn’t understand it..for him to release her, she would have to fully understand what it means to be released, that’s why he could still summon her in previous episodes. .now he can not.

  4. Their relationship is beautiful- like a loving father and daughter. She didn’t get that from her human father. Bill really is her father for all intents and purposes. ♥

  5. Bill and Jessica’s relationship is  beautiful to behold.  As actors Stephen and Deb have amazing chemistry on screen.  I hope they work together again someday.

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