Make this Halloween a Bill Compton themed event!

Make this Halloween a Bill Compton themed event!

Halloween is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with your own Bill Compton themed Pumpkin!

Bill Compton pumpkin! Even though True Blood may have ended, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween without including True Blood and our favorite vampire. This Halloween remember our favorite vampire by making your Bill Compton pumpkin using this lovely stencil.

Vampire Bill Compton, lover of Sookie Stackhouse, will guard your home as he guards Sookie.


Bill Compton themed event

  • Categories 3/5 Intermediate Pumpkin Pattern, Level of Difficulty, TV Show Pumpkin Patterns, TV | Movie Patterns
  • True Blood Bill Compton Stencil
  • Level of Difficulty: 3/5 Intermediate
  • Price: $2.95 That’s a dollar cheaper than last year!
Below is a larger view for this neat the Bill Compton stencil to make a Halloween Billcentric pumpkin.
Bill Compton themed pumpkin
source: Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils

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