Look Back at the Complicated Web in Bloodlines of True Blood

In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, they feature True Blood and it’s final season by looking back at the complicated web that the citizens of Bon Temps have woven over the last six seasons. In a short snippet from the article, they quote Stephen Moyer about reading the final script for the show. He is quoted as saying:

“I can tell you this: I laughed out loud seven or eight belly laughs, and I cried three times.”

And, Showrunner, Brian Buckner is quoted once again as saying:

“It’s the final season of True Blood, so gone are the days where we pull our punches.”

A scan of the article is provided below: ewjune-bloodlines1ASM ewjune-bloodlines2ASM


  1. All vampire in bon temps and i have the true blood season five and i love it and you are very good to plar in true blood and too be vampire

  2. Why oh why would Sookie want t o be with a warewolfe? That is just wrong! Bill is so much more than a wolfe or a man.

  3. I like the whole twist of it all! Sookie was broken hearted, lost, and still trying to find her place. I have all the books but refuse to finish reading them til this last season

  4. I appreciate the review.  However, why was their no blood line connection between Bill and Jessica, his progeny?  Also, Arlene’s older children were not mentioned, nor was the connection between Andy Bellefleur and Bill.

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