London Interview: about The Gifted’s X-Men Legacy with Stephen Moyer and Natalie Alyn Lind

Another interview with The Gifted stars, but this time it’s about the X-men legacy and impact it has on Marvel’s The Gifted Season 2. 

Stephen Moyer and Natalie Alyn Lind traveled to London a couple of weeks ago on a press junket. Previously, we’ve posted about their visit across the pond. This time they sit down with for an interview and discuss the second season and how the comic tradition continues to influence the series.  They elaborate on the X-Men legacy, where the show goes next, and potential cross-overs from the Marvel Comic Universe.

Natalie also discusses the sacrifices that the family makes while trying to get Andy back with the family. Stephen talks about the X-men and the “Marvel” influence on the show and yet how The Gifted is also very unique.

The Gifted premieres on October 14 in the UK.

X-Men Legacy

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  1. Thanks for providing. Honestly, I know very little about the X-Men. I look at The Gifted as an entity unto itself. I know there are forces at play from the X-Men and Marvel, and that’s fine. I’m just not acquainted with them. I do know who Magneto is, and I would love a crossover visit from Ian McKellan. Just sayin.’

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