NY-Lon Starring Stephen Moyer is now on Hulu


NY-Lon, a series that Stephen Moyer did in 2004 where he co-starred with Rashida Jones is now available for viewing on Hulu. The program was first presented on Channel 4 in England and then rebroadcast on BBC America in the US.

It tells the story of a London stockbroker who falls for an American girl from New York City. They immediately fall for each other and decide to attempt a long distance relationship. Not only do they live over 3,000 miles away from each other, but their lives couldn’t be more different.  She lives a very bohemian lifestyle while he supports his family and thrives in the world of money.

Stephen is sure dapper in all his business suits and he plays a very British guy and therefore certainly isn’t using his True Blood southern drawl here, but he is very sexy and just like always we get to see him in the buff. There are only seven episodes, but it is a real treat and certainly worth a watch.

You can read more about this series at the NY-Lon Movie and TV page here on AllStephenMoyer, but below is a sample of the first episode as it’s seen on Hulu.  To view it, you’ll have to create an account since it’s listed as “intended for mature audiences“.  It’s good quality and widescreen, and it doesn’t lose quality when you make it full screen, so might make creating an account worth it effort.



  1. michael antonioni is my favorite stephen character after bill. he has great chemistry with rashida and the character is so perfect. if you haven’t seen it it’s a must.

  2. Thank you Lynn for this post, now I will have to figure out Hulu because I just love NY-LON and want to see it again.

  3. I really enjoyed Ny-Lon. Nice to know where it can be found when I am ready to watch it again. Loved Stephen’s portrayal of Michael Antonioni.
    Now if I could find Men Only in it’s entirety.

  4. I had watched this months ago and, although I loved SM’s performance, thought RJ’s role was too argumentative and abrasive. I’m watching it again on hulu and I like it much better this time. Maybe part of it is less buffering now, and therefore I can enjoy it more.
    Stephen Moyer is just terrific as Michael Antonioni. He does such a wonderful job making this character real and sooooooooooooo lovable!
    Something tells me this character is pretty close to SM in many ways: he is responsible, caring, funny, smart, good at his job, and has a natural self-confidence that is so attractive! (As well as being handsome and sexy as always.) I’m glad I viewed it a second time. And Rashida Jones’ character is much more likable this time around, too.

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