LIVE from the Toyota Celebrity Race in Long Beach


Stephen Moyer is participating in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race this weekend in Long Beach.

AllStephenMoyer will keep you updated LIVE on all the latest news, photos and info today during the qualifications and tomorrow during the race.

Co-Admin of AllStephenMoyer, Lynnpd, is at the track all day today, where she has FULL access to the celebrity compound. She will report directly from the compound while Shadaliza takes care of the live blogging from the “studio”.



This is the schedule of today (PST):

9:15 a.m. – Toyota Pro/Celebrities Arrive at Compound, get into uniforms, have breakfast and conduct media interviews


12 – 2:00 p.m. – Lunch

2:15 p.m. – Group Photo “Class of 2011”


4:15 p.m. – “PEOPLE POLE AWARD” PRESENTATION  All participants on stage

6 p.m. – Toyota Grand Prix Charity Ball


Keep open for all the latest news.
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  1. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us updated.
    Have a brilliant day Lynn, please give Stephen a hug from all of us and wish him a safe and speedy qualifying.

  2. A big thanks to Shad and Lynn for all the hard work they bendoing to keeps us fans in the loop. It’s gonna be a great weekend for us Billsbabes!!

    GO STEVE!!!!!

  3. Best of luck during qualifying Stephen, go #14!

    Have fun at the races in Long Beach Lynn and cheer our guy on and Shad thank you for your cheering studio side.

  4. This is fantastic. Lynn on the scene and Shad at the news desk keeping us updated about our very own personal racer. Thanks ladies.
    I am so excited. Hey my car is the same dark blue. :)

    Be one with the machine Stephen. GO #14

  5. Very impressive coverage Shad and Lynn! You ladies are fantastic!! Thank you so much, I feel the excitement here on the east coast! Go Stephen,Go #14!!

  6. The updates are wonderful. Just got back on line, and playing catch up. Thank you, Shad and Lynn, for covering the day with commentary and pics. This is fantastic. I hope Stephen gets some well-deserved rest. Wishing him a lovely nap.

  7. Lynn are you kidding me, Stephen just rolled his car!!!! But he’s okay!!!! Please update some more my heart is racing a mile a minute!!!

  8. Very scary … Stephen rolled his car. Thank god he’s okay. He takes fastest time on the track and wins $15,000 for charity. CONGRATULATIONS, STEPHEN!!!

    Thanks, Lynn, for that quick update.

  9. He rolled his car, but still won the top pole position??? Wow! So glad he’s ok. And that he won $15,000 for Facing The Atlantic!!!!! GO STEVE!!!

    Awesome work today Shad and Lynn. You both have worked really hard to make sure we Babes haven’t missed a thing.

  10. Congrats Steve, but how scary was that! It seemed like forever for Lynn’s update after “Stephen in trouble”!!
    Thanks for the excellent coverage Lynn & Shad, super job!

  11. Thank you Lynn & Shad.

    So relieved he is ok and so happy that he met his goal today for his charity.

    He’s a rockstar!

  12. Whoa no flipping allowed Stephen. Congrats on winning the pole position.
    Sleep sleep sleep tonight sexy racer.

  13. Stephen really can do anything!! Wow what a win! YAY!
    Thanks again Shad and Lynn for a job well done.
    (Do you think Anna is gonna kick Stephen’s butt for scaring the daylights out of her?)lol

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