Listen to another Interview with Stephen Moyer on the Larry Flick show

Earlier this week we posted a clip from Stephen Moyer’s appearance on SiriusXM radio Sway In The Morning.

Now we have another new and very interesting interview with Stephen as he sits down for a chat with Sirius XM’s Larry Flick. The two talk about Stephen’s new show, The Bastard Executioner, his life and career.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 17.35.14 Listen below:



  1. A really insightful, and in depth interview with Stephen about TBX. Great questions by the interviewer. And Stephen shared what happens at the end of the day when he goes home to Anna and the twins. A marvelous listen!

  2. Great interview. It’s so interesting to hear Stephen’s take on how Milus thinks and his motivations. I too loved hearing Steve talk about when he gets home from working on the set. I hope he does more interviews when he and Anna get back to LA. I could listen to Steve talk all day. Thanks for posting.

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