1. “Everyone’s crazy bout’ a sharp-dressed man”. Great hair, minimal make-up. Looking delish.

    My day has been seriously brightened!

  2. Is this Stephen or Bill? The line is getting blurry. There is really warm lighting in the room, I guess.
    So dashing and handsome, like Vampire James Bond. Okay, more handsome than James Bond.

      1. I had that same thought sitting down at a casino table as James Bond would do *swoon*.

  3. Wiwa – Yes, a Vampire James Bond look – I like that!
    He is sexy and dangerous looking.Mmmmmmmmm, lovely.

  4. As the song says : “There ain’t nothing about him that don’t do something for me.” A bright spot in my rainy stormy day.

    * I am so happy about the hair and makeup. Perfection…

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