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The place where Stephen Moyer’s Safe House is located in the series, Safe House: The Crow, is predominantly shot is North Wales at a building called Craig-Y-Mor or, “the Spooky House” in Treadour Bay. The show has depicted the house’s beautiful side as you can see in the photo below,

However, it also has a pretty spooky side. Read more about it below:

Learn about Craig-Y-Mor:

While the original with Christopher Eccleston was filmed in the Lake District, the second series predominantly brought the crew to Anglesey, North Wales. Specifically, the Grade II listed building Craig-Y-Mor near Trearddur Bay doubles as the safe house owned by Tom and Sam Brook (Stephen Moyer and Zoe Tapper).

But however beautiful the view, this house has one major drawback: it’s haunted. “People in the village call it the spooky house and there are ghost stories about it. If you were alone in the house on a dark night with the wind blowing a gale outside, it would be genuinely quite eerie to be there,” said Tapper.

There was definitely one room with a strange feeling,” agrees Sacha Parkinson, who plays Dani Delaney. “Stephen [Moyer] had felt it earlier. He didn’t say anything but wanted to see if anybody else felt the same thing. So we walked in and I said, ‘I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.’ Apparently that room is haunted by a young boy’s spirit. That was really strange.

If others were shooting in the kitchen and I was alone, [the house] was really creaky. So I would try and stay as close to everyone else as possible. Especially at night.

Scary stuff. Did they film anywhere else?

Yes, viewers aren’t solely confined to Safe House mark 2.0 – Liverpool also acts as a significant setting. In fact, the filming crew spent more time in Merseyside than Anglesey.

We spent five weeks in Liverpool filming procedural police stuff in and around police stations, then we headed out to Anglesey for four weeks,” says Moyer.

Judging by the hauntings, we can guess which location was more popular with the crew.

source: radiotimes.com


  1. I stayed in the bungalows next to the house and I witnessed shadows running past my front door and heard windows being tapped and my front door opened by itself

  2. I was having a family getaway with my wife and child when one night I saw a man staring at us through the window of the front door and decided to leave that night after he stood there for a good 10 minutes

  3. I stayed in bungalow 37 and during day it all seemed nice and relaxing until night then alot of crazy things happen such as dark figures walking past the front door window and sounds of footsteps and the door handle being tried and this is the worst I’ve witnessed, I was sat in the living room with my family and we all heard the sound of a gentleman talking in one of the bedrooms and we went to look to see who’s in there and there was nothing but the bedsheet was disarranged

  4. Me and my family were staying in bungalow 39 and 38 after we came for a 7 day holiday for Easter and it was all Normal until the last 2 nights the first to last night we heard footsteps above us like in the loft and the last night was the worst we’ll never be returning to the same bungalows after this… We was sat watching a DVD and it was around 10 o’clock and it all started off with dark figures going past the door at first we thought it was people but it looked like the people were wearing coats. Soon later we heard the door handle being moved and one of my family members had a red mark on her neck after this I doubt we’ll ever come back there’s something wrong with that place and I don’t advice people to stay here there’s something not right…

  5. I’m honestly shocked I’ve never been so frightened in life after tonight. It was around midnight my children were asleep I’m a single mum with 2 kids and I was sat watching TV and I hear footsteps and somebody talking it sounded as if it was in my bedroom but it was the only one awake and it was a man’s voice but I thought it was the neighbors at first but it wasn’t but me and my children stayed the night and went home the next day after one of my children woke up and woke me up at around 3 in the morning saying that she heard a man saying her name and felt as if she was told to follow some man so she slept with me for the night and the next morning we left at around 8AM and I’m never coming back something strange is there

    1. I have to say that this is the most scary place I have to have stayed in I felt as if me and my brother weren’t alone when we came here, the doors would move in a slow back and forth motion and at around 10PM black figures would go past the door swiftly I was staying in bungalow 39 has anybody else experienced this ?

  6. Was only having a weekend away with my girlfriend and we was staying in Bungalow 48 and during the day it’s all fine but from 10PM onwards things get strange my girlfriend told me she felt as if she was being spoken to by a man but nobody was there and the worst thing is when we were fast asleep but we wake up for no reason around 4AM and we hear the window being tapped and footsteps in the living room

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