Kristin Bauer Talks S4 and Toyota Race on Good Day LA today!

Good Day LA

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer was on Good Day LA today where she spoke to the hosts including Jillian Barberie (who also participated in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix with Stephen Moyer). They discuss True Blood fans, what Pam goes through in Season 4 and the video even includes a scene from Season 4. Kristin also discusses how she heard about Stephen’s now famous car flip during the Toyota Race and what she felt when she heard.

Good Day LA

See the car flip by clicking here.

Thanks to LifeIsNotEasy for the video.



  1. Kristin’s interviews are always so enjoyable. Thanks, Life, for the video. I have to say that I found it very distracting to have a scene with Pam and Sookie on screen, with their dialogue kind of sotto voce underneath, while Kristin and the interviewers talked over it. I really wish they hadn’t done that.

    There were lots of wonderful Stephen mentions which took me back to the Grand Prix, Stephen’s car flip, and what we all went through when that happened.

  2. Lovely interview…yes, I agree about the distracting nature of the video, since they were just playing the same clip basically. Amazing what she said about hearing the news about the car flip, “My heart stopped.” As did all of ours.

  3. Kristin is lovely and what a beauty! I particularly loved when Jillian Barberie spoke about Stephen. He obviously impressed her with his grace in handling the situation when HBO “grounded” him. Now she knows what we have known for some time, that Stephen is a class act. He is the best!

  4. Kristin did a great job going with the flow and keeping her composure as she tried to get a word in edgewise! What a group – do they ever stop and let the guest say a full sentence? Oh well, the Barberi girl gave Stephen credit for being so classy when HBO pulled him from the race. That was nice. And it’s obvious from Kristin that they are good friends on TB, which we already know.

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