1. Funny I had a dream about him last night but he was bill Compton and Eric and sookie were in it too lol

  2. Stephen’s excellent performance certainly added a great deal to making Killing Jesus award worthy.   He was so freakin’ good!   I think it was Stephen in nothing but a little towel that put won the critics over, lol!  I’ve watched that clip so many times!  Seriously, I do think that Stephen’s portrayal of Pilate added so much to making the show as good as it was.

  3. Congratulations to the cast, crew and production staff of Killing Jesus.  Fingers crossed for a win for the film.

  4. AllStephenMoyer TimVMurphy So much more than a sexy vampire. A truly gifted, talented actor who is believable in every role.Congrats.

  5. I am delighted to hear it. Of course I attribute in large part  the  success of the project is due to none other than the  Magnificent Moyer.  :)

  6. Je viens de regarder Killing Jésus , c’est un très beau film et Stephen en Pilâte est magnifique , acteur génial !

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