Key Art Poster for True Blood Season 6

Below is a new poster and is the key art for True Blood Season 6. We can’t help but notice the tag line of “No One Lives Forever.” I wonder if this is why we keep hearing that there will be major deaths in Season 6?
I’m getting worried about the vampires, aren’t you? What do you think?


The sixth season debuts on June 16 at 9 pm on HBO.



  1. Or it indicates that this is the last season?
    One way or the other I don’t like the looks of this: No one lives forever.

  2. If they kill off Bill, which I have a feeling they will, there is no reason for me to keep watching.

  3. We’ve had vampire deaths before, but never ones that were close to
    our hearts. I guess I should say my heart. Lorena and Russell were
    such marvelous vampire villains, but they had to go. Doesn’t bode well
    for our favorite vamps.

  4. The witch said the same thing in season 4, to Bill, so yeah, I’m afraid. I’m also worried for Jessica and Steve Newlin. I don’t think they’ll kill off Tara or I’d be worried for her too. Any of the other vamps would be missed by me not one whit, but I know I don’t have many who would agree with me. If anybody knows where I could get that magic pill, the one that would make me see the appeal of Northman et fille, it would really help me get through the next 10 episodes.  They emo’d me to tears (of laughter) last season and I don’t think that’s what the writers intended. Or did they?

  5. I don’t think this looks like Bill/Stephen at all. If this is the artwork for the new season, it’s pretty lame compared to previous years.

  6. HBO is getting the response that they want….the more specualtion, the better.  I wouldn’t be surprised for this to be the final season, though.  Still I would ahte for any of our fave characters to die…

  7. As I think this is the beginning of the end for the show, I am not surprised to hear about these upcoming major deaths. And as long as they drive the story, I’m ok with that. Having said that, it better not be Bill! I would only accept that if he perished in the series finale and it was a heroic death.

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