Just in: International Release dates for “Concussion”

As we’ve previously reported, The US release of Stephen Moyer’s upcoming film, Concussion” will be on Christmas Day, December 25. Now, we have the date for it’s international release. Those “across the pond” will see the film’s release early in 2016 on February 12, but Irish fans can look forward to an earlier premier on January 29.

Stephen has a small part in this highly anticipated film which has a valuable story to tell about team members who suffer concussions from playing American football.


We’re pretty sure that Stephen took the part in the film because of it’s important story, but we also know that he is friends with the director, Peter Landesman. The film stars Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a sports-related brain trauma, in a pro player and fought for the truth to be known.

A song featured in the film, which is said to be a possible Oscar condenter, seems to be one of the last boxes left on the checklist for it’s writer, Leon Bridges. In the course of his immensely successful rise to national fame this past year he released a critically acclaimed debut album, Coming Home, did ad campaigns for Apple and Beats, performed with both surviving members of the Beatles and sold-out concert venus across the country. It’s no surprise then that Bridges’ rise caught the attention of Concussion director Peter Landesman, who praised him when discussing “So Long” with Variety.

I’m so glad to have Leon’s music in the movie,” Landesman said. “His songs are a shot straight from the heart, full of feeling and emotion, power and heartbreak. And it’s a perfect match for the movie, because I could describe Dr. Bennet Omalu the same way — in the movie, he’s a spiritual person, standing up on his own against a world of powerful forces, using only his smarts, his courage and the knowledge that he’s right.”

Listen to the song below:

sources: joe.ie and dallasobserver.com



  1. Beautiful song. Thanks for the video. I’ve seen previews of this one at our local theatre. Here’s hoping it comes my way. That doesn’t always happen, but I’m crossing my fingers. Good to get international release dates.

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