Jessica’s Vlog True Blood Season 6 Episode 2

jessvlog602In last night’s True Blood Season 6 episode 2, Bill went into some sort of catatonic state and poor Jessica was left alone to care for him and try and help. We’re so glad that Bill has his progeny to take care of him while he ventures into the “other world” with Lillith.

In her vlog below Jessica panics, but shows us how she figured out how to get Bill some food by asking for help online. Poor Jess.

source; on YouTube

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  1. Poor Jess. Considering what was happening with Bill, she handled it
    quite well … found a donor service, ordered someone up for Bill. When
    the lady arrived, there sat Bill in his catatonic state. And things
    went south from there.
    Jess is a try-er.  Gotta’ give her major props for that.

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