JAN – Stephen Moyer steams up the new Episode

Stephen Moyer steams up the new Episode of Jan. What title could I possibly come up with for this post that didn’t include words like ‘steamy’, ‘sexy’ and ‘Oh my’?

Lot’s of Gery in Episode 6. Who knew that technical photo camera talk could be so sexy?

For those of you who didn’t know that yet, Stephen is a hobby photographer himself.


Episode 6 of 15 — “M9P“:

Gery tries to buy back Jan’s goodwill and things get intimate.

We tweeted Caitlin Gerard and this is what she wrote back.


Caitlin Gerard tells how she prepared for the role of Jan.

source: YouTube.com


  1. “Steamy” definitely comes to mind.  Jan and Gery on the verge.  What a lovely way to start my Monday.

  2. Just heaven on a stick for anyone that takes a pic – Gery with a Leica in his hands. sigh.
    Another smoking perfomance from Stephen, he rocks.
    Great series, so polished.

  3. OMG, what a steamy episode.  Stephen is amazingly charming and seductive.  Amazing! I like the foreplay, they can keep doing it as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Thank you for sharing the tweets with Caitlin, and also this latest BTS.  And I have to say that episode 6 is my favorite thus far. 

  5. I thought it can’t get better but Caitlin and Stephen proved me wrong. Hot, hot, hot! …and kudos to WIGS who made it possible.

  6. I am so enthralled…my favorite episode so far.  Stephen is so seductive…I see all his natural charm coming through…that close up…his eyes… WOW.  Love the chemistry between Jan and Gery.

  7. My favorite episode!!! Stephen is so sexy wearing a tank! love when Jan hugged him! can’t wait for more seductive Gery!!

  8. I just happily scrolled through the episode 6 album.  Thank you, Shad.  My favorites … Gery in the chair.  Mercy, but he looks hot and sexy.  Wow!!

  9. Best episode so far! Absolutely addicted to this series. The close-ups on Stephen’s handsome face, the look in his eyes, the intimacy of those scenes. Mesmerizing and extremely sexy. Can’t wait for Wednesday.

  10. They seriously need to put a waring before each episode. Spontaneous human combustion possible due to the seductiveness of one Mr. Stephen Moyer. Yowza!!!!

  11. I really enjoy this episode.  Stephen is “jhrnatmjnsklt”. Well you know what I mean … lol .. I just love him in this series! What we have been longing for something new with Stephen! And now it’s Christmas again several times a week. Thank you, wigs!

  12. Great ep! Love the chemistry between them, Jan and Gery need a quick bunk up lol, just to release the tension of course ;)

  13. I am -almost- speechless!   I am definitely breathless!  A little lightheaded and giddy!
    This man is a prescription for anything that ails me!   His sexuality is so intense and palpable, but there is always that twinkle in his eye, and a smile about to form on that lovely mouth.  The camera loves him, and how could it not?
    This was the hottest episode yet, and Stephen had his clothes on!  It just goes to show how some hot, sexy, intimate scenes occur without actual sex!
    IMHO, Ms. Gerard was at her best so far in this episode, and I think it’s because it was such a one-on-one, intimate scene with just Stephen. She finally seemed comfortable in front of the camera. 
    The character of Gerald seems like a fairly typical actor. He loves the attention and the desire coming from women. I don’t think he’s a philanderer, but he surely enjoys the admiration he receives, and he seems a little smitten with Jan too.  I think it’s her freshness, naivete, and love of her art that appeals to him.  I wonder if anything more happens between them?

    1.  @iamtrue2bill
       i think that next epi they’re going to give us something ummmm, ummmmm gooood!
      wouldn’t it be great if we got a shower scene with the two of them,  lol ?

      1.  @mybabybill
         Well, perhaps.  But I have my doubts.  What I’m wondering about is this ex bf, who is going to show up soon.   Will she want him to be jealous?  IDK.
        I think Gerald very gently turned her down when he said “the moment’s passed..”  Something tells me he knows it would be a bad move.  But he does like her.

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