‘Jan’ an episode overflowing with plot developments

Episode 14 of ‘Jan’ is so full of storyline and new plot developments. In the work area Jan stands up for herself but when it comes to here love life….. where did that guy come from? And where is he off to again? Mel gives Jan a good piece of advice but realizes that her earlier work doesn’t pay the bills today.


Jan”: Episode 14 of 15 — “Wine Bar“:
Jan is misled by Chase, but Mel wants a truce. They eat, drink and chat and Mel’s relationship to Jan changes when another man arrives in Jan’s life.

Laura Spencer (Vanessa) in the behind the scenes video.

Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 12 of 13: “Laura Online
Actress Laura Spencer is a new media pioneer… and maybe a new media addict.

source: Wigs YouTube Channel


  1. In quotes is my post at ASM Forum:  “Surprise!!  A Thursday episode.  Robbie and Vanessa, Jan and Hugh.  BTW, where did he come from?  Did I miss something along the way?  Mel has financial woes, and Robbie just won’t go away.  I wouldn’t trust Chase any further than I could see her.  And not even then. And sadly no Gery.  Bummer!!
    ETA:  thanks for the BTS with Laura.  She gives some wonderful insights into working with the director.  She is terrific as Vanessa.”
    Adding this thought:  how will all of the stories be wrapped up in one final episode?  This inquiring mind is beyond curious.

  2. It’s time for Jan to edit some “friends” out of her life.  Hugh is a nice surprise and I hope we see Gery one more time.
    I still can’t figure out the Mel/Chase mess.

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