Episode 9 of Jan: Where is the Leica?

Jan discovers that the Leica is missing and has to run around to find it in the next episode of Jan.


Just like many predicted Robbie did indeed take the Leica from Jan’s apartment, but she has no time to track him down because she has another “afterglow” shoot to go to.

“Jan”: Episode 10 of 15 — “No Camera”:
At her next photo shoot, Mel realizes that Jan’s personal life is teetering.

No Gery in the episode, but there is Stephen in a behind the scenes video about the sound mixer, David Parker.

“Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 8 of 12: “Virginia Speaks”
Virginia Madsen tells how the production process during “Jan” impacted the work of the artists involved.


  1. Missing Gery yet, again, still.  But this episode advances the story.  Now we know for sure what happened to the Leica.  I don’t like Chase, and am not sure how I feel about Mel.  My thoughts about her vacillate from episode to episode.  Ms. Madsen plays her very well.  Thanks for the BTS … most interesting.  I can so understand the huge reaction to Stephen’s being in this film.  Oh yes!!!

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