Is this the end of Reed Strucker or not?

Tonight was the last episode of The Gifted Season 2. In this episode we saw Reed make the ultimate sacrifice by helping to save humanity. Unfortunately, in the process, he lost his life, or so we are led to believe. At the end of the episode there was a glimmer of hope that he still may have survived.

Before the episode ended the last scene saw Clarise appear from a portal. We were led to believe that she was dead in a recent episode, but not so, before the episode ended, she returned through a portal and she asked the mutant group to go through it with her saying, “This is something you have to see.” Because of this, I think this is not the last time we will see Reed.

Because of this I ask two questions:

  • will the Gifted return for a third season?
  • and, if so, could Reed still be alive inside the portal?

We’ll just have to wait to find out if The Gifted is renewed for a Season 3. If it is, I’ll definitely be watching Season 3, episode 1 to learn if Stephen Moyer’s Reed Strucker is still around.

If this ends up being the very last episode of the series, I think they really ended it well, don’t you?

Below are two epic photos from Reed’s last moments:

Reed Strucker

Reed Strucker

We love you Steve and thought you did a great job throughout the series and also in this epic finale of Season 2.

Watch this videos below from Twitter representing Reed’s last moments in the episode:

source: The Gifted on Fox


  1. Since Runaways is filmed in California, I hoping Hulu will pick up The Gifted season 3 so Stephen Moyer can stay close to home and give up back Reed Strucker and his “hellfire” to slay more demons.

      1. I know and that keeps him away from home about 7 months. But filming it in CA where he live will make it possible for him to enjoy staying on indefinitely. Or cut the episodes down which they can do since they finish building this world. Now just action, action action!

      2. OH, I understand. Thanks JuneT for clarifying your previous comment. It would be nice for him to film in CA, but we’ll have to wait to see if the show is renewed or not.

  2. In answer to your questions, I do not think The Gifted will return for a third season, And I believe Reed made the ultimate sacrifice. Bravo, Reed, and well done, Stephen.

  3. Wow! What an ending! So powerful! And Stephen doing his amazing acting and that killer emoting with his eyes!

    I sure hope there IS a season 3. They suck me in and than …BAM! Nothing? I hope not. I knew Clarice would end up being alive and I pray Reed is too.

    Am I the only one who, during Reeds last big scene, saw shades of True Blood and Billith?

  4. Ohh, good point about True Blood and Billith. It didn’t hit me at the time, but now that you mention it … yes, I can see similarities.

  5. I noticed the blood too. I’m just glad Reeva Payge is dead. I hated her powers. Too bad Reed died with her. He has been doing a great job. Plus it’s sad, seeing that he died the only chance he gets to fight in a real battle

    1. Thanks for your comment Chris. It does look like it is the end of Reed Strucker as The Gifted was cancelled recently. Sad to say!

  6. I’m hoping Gifted comes on for a season 3, there was just so many questions left unanswered by bringing Clarice back. I’m also hoping Reed isn’t dead, maybe that release of power is all his body needed for being suppressed all these years.

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