Exclusive Interview: Stephen Moyer’s Moroccan Experience ‘Killing Jesus’


In an exclusive Skype interview for AllStephenMoyer.com and The Vault Shadaliza spoke with a relaxed and bearded Stephen Moyer about the Concussion film, Killing Jesus, the end of True Blood, his future projects and more.

In Part 3 of the interview we spoke about being sick in Morocco, 36 disciples around the pool, Ted Neeley and the fascination with Jesus.

If you follow Stephen Moyer on Instagram you probably wondered why he posted a photo of a Moroccan toilet bowl with the text ‘…I guess this is goodbye old pal..’ Thanks for all the late night get togethers…


When I confront Stephen with this image and the question how the food was in Morocco he laughs out loud. “I got really sick. I was in bed for 6 days in Morocco. It was f*cking vile. I had 2 or 3 days off after my first day of filming and I was looking forward to go out into the Sahara desert, but I was in bed man, it was awful.” Stephen shakes his head at the memory. “I never get ill, “ he continues. “I have the constitution of an ox; never get ill! And I was sick as a parrot, awful.”

Despite being sick Stephen did manage to shoot all his scenes. “I have never missed a day in my life”, he adds.

Stephen was in Morocco in October this year to film National Geographic’s “Killing Jesus” based on the book by Bill O’Reilly. “Killing Jesus” details the events leading up to the murder of the most influential man in history: Jesus of Nazareth. The film is scheduled for release in 2015 in 171 countries.


Jesus Christ Superstar and Ted Neeley

I tell Stephen that when I heard he would play Pontius Pilate in this film, I immediately thought of the rock opera he is a huge fan of: ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘. Wouldn’t he have preferred to do the musical version of the story? Stephen laughs: “When I was doing the EPK [Electronic Press Kit] and they were asking me questions about Pontius Pilate and how exited I was to be doing this project I said I was most disappointed because I’ve gone all the way through the script and I can’t find my song. They looked at me like I was nuts, they didn’t understand what I was talking about.”

Being a Jesus Christ Superstar fan myself I tell him that Ted Neeley, who played Jesus in the famous 1970’s film, will perform the show in my Italian hometown in a couple of weeks and I have front row tickets. To my surprise Steve has an almost connection with Neeley.

Darren Bousman, the director of The Barrens, who is a dear friend of mine keeps trying to get me to do his Devil’s Carnival thing [Horror musical project] and the last time he tempted me into it was with Ted Neeley.”

Will Stephen do another musical?

Stephen didn’t accept Bousman’s offer, but can we expect another musical for him in the future?

“It’s not impossible. I want it to be the right thing. A few offers have come through, but I want it to be the right thing.”


36 disciples around the pool and the fascination with Jesus

It’s Stephen’s turn to ask me a question: “Did you hear how many Jesus projects were happening in Morocco? There were 2 more when I was there. It was so funny. There were 36 disciples around the pool at any one time. It was absolutely unbelievable. We had disciple competitions.”

With so many films about Jesus coming out, what does ‘Killing Jesus’ have that the others don’t? We all know how the story ends and it doesn’t end well.

“It’s interesting that there is still this need to keep telling the story”, Stephen says. “I am not a particularly religious man and most of us who aren’t, most atheists and agnostics, tend to be quite fascinated by Jesus. It’s interesting isn’t it? I don’t know why that is. Denis [O’Hare] is a great example of that actually. He is very, very not religious but he is currently writing a play about the bible. ‘Killing Jesus’ doesn’t have much spirituality in it. ‘A.D. :Beyond The Bible’ tells the story of Jesus after he dies, so it’s about the disciples that are left and how the story gets passed around and the other one ‘The Jesus Code’ was a docu drama about how they became the people that they were. So they all have interesting stuff to say”, Stephen concludes.


  1. Thanks for another interesting interiew. I was right about why he posted that photo of the bathroom. I’m glad he is well aigan :) And I am looking forward to “Killing Jesus”

  2. I am so happy yr feeling better Stephen ,I can not Waite to see killing Jesus ,you need to do more live musicals on tv you were brilliant in the sound of music I have the DVD n the soundtrack I still miss Bill Compton  my heart achs for Bill

  3. Thank you for another great installment. Glad Stephen is feeling better now and appreciated the insight about Killing Jesus, which keeps sounding better and better. He is so interesting, and it’s a joy to read his interviews.

  4. Sorry Stephen was ill while filming in Morocco.  He is a trooper and the show must go on as they say.  I agree it is fascinating how many people of various faiths and belief systems continue to be drawn to the story of Jesus. I look forward to seeing Stephen in this project next year. 
    I just ran across Devil’s Carnival on Netflix. I will take a look at it to get an idea what it is about.  I want to see Stephen in guest appearances or extended  guest roles on some shows , musicals , films  ,anything that keeps him on screen regularly.  Do you hear that Stephen?  

    Great job Shad. More please.

  5. Another fascinating interview.  Sorry to read that Stephen was so sick.  I kind of figured that’s what had happened when I saw the toilet pic with caption.  Got a kick out of all the disciples hanging out around the pool.  I would love to see Stephen do a musical.  I hope the right vehicle comes along.  I always enjoy his candor and his humor.

    Well done, Shad.

  6. Very thoughtful interview.  Stephen does not take any questions for granted or shy away from controversy.  Always love his sense of humor.

  7. Enjoyed this instalment as well and looking forward to the next. It’s like the 12 days of Christmas An interview gift every day!

  8. Poor Stephen, being sick for 6 days is a lot, especially when you aren’t in the comfort of your own home.  Love Jesus Christ Superstar, and I got to see Ted Neeley in it when the musical toured here a couple of years ago.  He sounded amazing.  I was so surprised that after all these years he still sounded so good.  I know you will love it. Can’t wait to see Stephen in Killing Jesus.  Thank you for the inteviews, I wish we could see them in video!

  9. love_lillia it’s interesting to see those connections, I mention Ted Neeley and Stephen was offered a role along side him in a project. Six degrees of separation!

  10. Rowena75 Thanks Row, I agree another musical would be nice, but right now he has a lot of projects in development for CASM. I talk about that in part 4 (last part) of the interview.

  11. Willkill4Bill I followed Darren Bousman for a while after The Barrens, he produced his own DVD some time ago and a new film of Devil’s Carnival is coming out in 2015 and Ted Neeley is in that one. It’s like an ongoing projects, it seems.

  12. Looking forward to Killing Jesus.  I am glad he is feeling better.  I miss my Muse.  I am a Christian so this makes it extra awesome for me to see my fave actor in a film about my Savior.  I wonder if he enjoyed the story he was in?  What he thought of the read?  I thought his daughter was wonderful in the last season. I too miss my Bill.  I hope He and Anna are well and hugs from a Midwestern fan. God Bless you for 7 wonderful years,

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