Inside the Episode: True Blood 6.09 “Life Matters”

INSIDEASMBelow is an inside look at True Blood Season 6, Episode 9 “Life Matters.” Brian Buckner talks about filming the episode and Terry’s funeral. Although she didn’t expect to, Arlene has found some kind of comfort in this tribute to Terry.

Big John also sings the song at the funeral and we’re so glad that he had a chance to be highighted in the episode.

We’re also glad for the salvation of Bill and most of the vampires. The only real question left from this episode to be answered, is where did Eric go?


SOURCE: HBO.COM/trueblood

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  1. My favorite episode of the season. Loved the send off for Terry,
    flashbacks included; the funeral brought the Bon Temps folks together
    like nothing else could. The white room vampires were saved (minus
    Steve Newlin), thanks to Bill. Hated to see Steve go, but it had to
    happen. You can only sell out your kind for so long before you have to
    pay the piper. I’m glad Jason couldn’t bring himself to kill Sarah.
    She’ll get hers before all is said and done, but her blood won’t be on
    Jason’s hands. The song was beautiful and it was lovely to give Big
    John some moments in the spotlight. Hope the finale finds Eric back in
    the fold.

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