1. They had better get Bill started on fighting back against Lillith, I want Bill Compton back, not this cold hearted prophet of Lillith’s.
    But no doubt that SM is doing a wonderful job again in portraying Bill being taken over by Lillith, he is at times cold and scary.  But always, always hot and sexy.

  2. So Bill wants to save his kind by becoming a vampire-fairy … or does he want this for all vamps?  Seems to me that’s a contradiction in terms.  Look what it has done to Benlow.  Light and dark are constantly warring within him.  To me, that’s one h*ll of a way to live.  I definitely got the Hunger Games reference; and at the end we see the Gladiators reference.  As for Sarah, she wants it all … sex and power.  Kudos to Eric and Tara for willingly going into the den to save Pam.

  3. I am confused to a
    reference that Bill wants to become a Vampire-Fairy. did a reference to
    this miss me completely? i have only understood that he is trying to
    synthesize a new True Blood for ALL vamps. it sounds like with the
    factories blown up they don’t have the original “recipe”. at least
    that’s what i was thinking. I haven’t seen him reference himself in the
    new blood at all. I could have missed that tho.

    Bill also possibly has no idea that Ben is
    psycho or even conflicted. He only saw the first, few memories of Ben’s
    turning and never met him until he went to Sookie’s so I don’t think he
    realizes who and what Ben really is after all his time as a vampire hybrid for over 3400 years. The video shows Lillith being (for the first time, i think) forceful with Bill. She has an agenda for both Bill and Ben, i think. nobody has seen what that is yet but i just bet it has to do with REVENGE against Ben. lol.
    THANKS! for the great videos! this is definitely the place to find all the greatest stuff! xoxo

  4. i forgot: “Kudos to Eric and Tara for willingly going into the den to save Pam. ”
     i agree so completely! I thought Eric’s face was the saddest we have ever seen, even above when Godric died. He looked devastated. Pam sounded as tho she was truly angry but I am certain she is putting on a show. She would not even consider hurting him, or giving him the true death even if she was able. they HAVE to find a way to turn it around and knowing them they have already planned ahead for a situation where they are pitted against each other. just prob never envisioned this CAMP.

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