1. Props to Sookie for figuring out who Ben is, making a plan (actually
    two), and going to Plan B when A (silver in the food) didn’t work out.  I really felt for Jess. She was able to hold her vampire in check until
    the girls crowded around her at the front door. Too much overwhelming
    fairy, and that did her, and the girls, in. Willa has her marching
    orders from maker Eric. I’ll be eager to see how that plays out. Looks
    like she may be headed for the camp. If so, she’ll be in good company
    with Nora, Pam and Ginger already in residence.
    I have to say that I wasn’t captivated by the episode on first viewing.  With a re-watch I’m starting to change my mind.

  2. BEST EPISODE IN A VERY LONG TIME! It was Jam Packed with great stuff, enough to think about and talk about for a long time!
    Hope Warlow’s blood can save the vampires!

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