Inside the Episode: True Blood 6.01 “Who Are You, Really?”

INSIDEASMWell, the first episode of True Blood Season 6 has aired, “Who Are You, Really? and now we get to look inside to see more about this episode. Director, Stephen Moyer gets to tell us his conception of the way he wanted to direct this episode, especially the opening sequence which he wanted to be like a thriller.

SOURCE: HBO.COM/trueblood


  1. The thriller aspect
    definitely came across. I appreciated the touches of humor, also the
    surprises. RIP, Luna. Sorry to lose her. Well done, Stephen &

  2. Stephen just loves directing.  You can hear it in his voice and see it in his expressions as he explains various choices he made, and how they accomplished certain effects.  I loved his explanation of how Eric smoothly glided out of Sookie’s house  because she rescinded her invitation gently, not in an angry way.  Nice choice!
    He did a great job – again – directing.  And the episode just flew by.  This will be an exciting season, judging from this premiere!

  3. Kudos to Stephen on yet another wonderful job directing. What a terrific way to kick off the season. He knows these characters so very well and  so obviously wishes to have all cast members truly shine.

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