Inside the Episode: True Blood 5.12 “Save Yourself”

It’s over for this season folks and here’s the final Inside the Episode video for True Blood’s episode 5.12, “Save Yourself” which is discussed by Alan Ball and director, Michael Lehmann.


SOURCE: HBO.COM/trueblood


  1. Im just in shock….I cant believe Bill “dead” or whatever….good cliffhanger…but I dont like Bill being this

  2. I am just in shock over this ending and didn’t like it at all. I love old Bill and I am such a ridiculous Bill/Sookie shipper, and this ending just made a reunion between the two impossible. Totally setting it up for Sookie to be with Eric. That’s where I stopped reading the books, too. :(

  3. Wow what a finale:  BILLITH!!!
    I’m still trying to absorb what just happened, is the Bill Compton we all love gone forever? Will Billith be naked and bloody always in S6?  hehe (I just can’t help myself with that question)
    Loved that whole episode….

  4. I’m in shock. I haven’t liked this season too much. Didn’t like where they were taking Bill’s character. Not sure what to think now. One thing is for sure, I love Eric and where his character is headed. Always liked him and Sookie together.

  5. I’m hating Bill’s transformation. Is this 180-degree turn for keeps? And even if it’s not, can Bill be rehabilitated? I am here to tell Alan Ball that no, not everyone loves the bad boy.

  6. Bill’s rapid descent into darkness is frighting. Now what is he? I hope he is not a villain and we would have to revisit his ultimate demise again.

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