Inside the Episode: True Blood 5.11 “Sunset”

This week’s True Blood episode 5.11 is discussed by Angela Robinson and Alan Ball.

Wow, Bill has really drank the Kool-Aid and yes, Alan, it was a real rollercoaster ride, this episode.



  1. This episode is like a runaway train, hurtling toward the destruction that will no doubt take place in the finale. Bill believes in the darkness that is Lilith (I hate his cruelty toward Jessica); Russell kills the Elder, and all the fae, including Sookie, are visible to him and vulnerable; Sam, Luna, Pam and Emma are prisoners in the Authority underground; and Lilith is pitting the chancellors against one another. Eric and Nora have escaped but to what purpose. Hoyt had the right idea … an escape to Alaska sounds pretty good right about now.

  2. I’m glad I caved and watched this because after last night’s episode I was pretty upset and I was going to stay away any previews and extras until after next Sunday. At least now I can go into the season finale knowing that I haven’t been grossly misunderstanding Bill all these years.
    Until then, I don’t know what to say but “A A A R R R G G H H H !!”

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