Inside the Episode: True Blood 5.09 “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”

This week’s True Blood episode 5.09, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is discussed by writer Raelle Tucker and director, Dan Attias.



  1. Definitely lots of weird going on in this episode. Ryan does play Jason so beautifully, with an honest naivete. Bill and Eric are no longer on the same path; I enjoyed their partnership, and am sorry to see it dissolve (that’s The way it appears for now). Bill’s descent into Lilith-induced darkness is disturbing. I was surprised to see the ifrit and hate group story lines wrap in this episode. I figured they’d continue on through 10 and 11, at least. This epi left me with a bad taste in my mouth. A re-watch didn’t help.

  2. i agree, Rowena, this episode is hard to swallow.   I thought Stephen’s and Alex’s performances were outstanding.  I really felt the emotions of Bill as he struggled, then descended into the blood-fueled delusional state of mind of Salome and Nora.  And I felt the resolve and determination of Eric as he carried out his scheme to save Nora and Bill (and Molly) from the Lilith nightmare.  And his shock and anger at Bill in the end scene.
    I have to say I was not favorably impressed with the Hate-group’s segment, especially the scene showing drugged and bound Hoyt being a meal for pigs.  It was way too close for comfort to a s/l in Deadwood, in which a villainous saloon owner would have the bodies of those he had murdered taken to the Chinese butcher’s pig sty and dumped there to be eaten by the pigs.
    I rarely criticize any specific parts of TB, but that just irked me.
    I have a feeling the Ifrit s/l is not over.  There will be repercussions from Hoyt murdering Patrick.
    I also think we haven’t seen the last of the hate-group;  we may see recruits pop up to take their place, as Joe-Bob said.
    Part of me can’t wait for Sunday, and part of me is anxious about it.  I’ve never felt quite so overwrought.

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