Inside the Episode: 4.11 ‘Soul of Fire’

This week’s True Blood episode 4.11 is discussed by writer Mark Hudis and director, Michael Lehmann.  They discuss, among other things, how the vampires are drawn to the force field that Antonia has created, how Fiona Shaw played her character differently in this episode, how Jesus saved the day with the help of Lafayette and how Pam is in a lot of trouble for disobeying her maker.


  1. The Pam-Eric fracture appears very serious. I’m wondering how far into Season 5 before they reconcile. Sookie did her light fingers and Jesus his dark magic … both helped. Andy making love with one of the fae; the death of Marcus; Alcide’s abjuring Debbie. Lots going on in this episode. And now Lafayette is possessed by Marnie. That’s quite a set up for the finale.

    Thanks for providing. I didn’t quite catch Fiona Shaw’s voice change. Will give a listen for that the next time I watch.

  2. I really wanted to see the being “sucked” into the protection force field scene; I knew it must have been hilarious for the actors involved to do…straight from the Marcel Marceau School for Mime.

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