Inside The Bastard Executioner – The Locations

Another video showing a behind the scenes look at the making of The Bastard Executioner. This time it’s all about finding interesting locations to shoot scenes in Wales. The great landscapes can certainly be considered as another character in the story enabling the medieval time to become so real to the viewer.

Video was deleted by Fx, but see the screencaps below from the video.

Below are two screencaps from the video. One shows a cave at the Pembrookshire coast which was first seen in Episode 8 as one of Annora’s and The Dark Mute’s hiding places. The other is a long distance look at Castle Ventrishire we thought you’d enjoy.  Learn more about the coastal Welsh caves of Pembrookshire here.



source: FXNetworks on YouTube


  1. Wales is magnificent. Mr. Skelding is doing an excellent job in finding just the right location for the various scenes. 363 castles … that is awesome! Thanks for the video and the pictures.

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