More Info about Stephen Moyer in “Juveniles”

callsheedtJUVENILESBelow is a bit more information that we’ve found about Stephen Moyer’s upcoming film, “Juveniles.”

The dark drama JUVENILES, directed by Nico Sabenorio is a film that focuses on a teenager who deals with violence and poverty in small town America.

We’ve learned that Stephen Moyer is playing the character of “Ben,” and as we mentioned in a previous post about the film, we are pretty sure that his character is a “not so nice” guy.  There is now a page for the film on IMDB and we’ll be adding one here very soon.

This is Sabenorio’s feature film directorial debut, which he also wrote starring Beau Knapp alongside Stephen Moyer. Moyer and Knapp join a cast that includes Kathleen Rose Perkins (Showtime’s Episodes), Martin Henderson (Sundance TV’s The Red Road), Nick Eversman (Wild), Morgan Lily (X-Men: First Class) and Kevin Alejandro (HBO’s True Blood, The CW’s Arrow).

Mary Elizabeth Boylan has just been added to the cast in a pivotal supporting role of Stephen Moyer’s character’s ex-girlfriend. Stacy Lee.

Boylan recently wrote, produced and starred in the eccentric award-winning adventure Getting Lemons, which won the award for Best U.S. Short Film at the 3rd annual Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio (FFOCOL). “I am really excited to be a part of this project” says Mary Elizabeth Boylan, “playing Stacey Lee was an incredible experience alongside such great colleagues; I was so honored to work with such an amazing cast.”



  1. it’s very good, cool and cool that you yourself film “minors” with Stephen Moyer put on the page
    IMDB. cool, perfectly wonderful. At me here, only a question: what date and in what year will be released a film filmed before the end? Well, it means that when the film itself will be fully captured before the end !? it is not known yet? when it will be known, write me a message on Facebook. I’m waiting!

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