Image of dying Bill in True Blood resembles classic Catholic religious art

In episode 6.09 Bill Compton was portrayed as a savior, not yet of all vampire kind, but at least of some of its members. While Bill is slowly slipping away towards the true death after feeding his fellow vampires his blood, Violet is the only one who comes to him and tries to give him some comfort. The way she holds him has a stunning resemblance with a classic scene that in Catholic art is called Pietà. The Italian word pietà means compassion and in Catholic art it depicts the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus.

A good example is the Pietà from the Saint Alphonsus Ligouri church, in Saint Louis and the resemblances of this statue with the pose of Violet holding Bill is undeniable. Violet mentioned that she was a Catholic, so it’s safe to assume it’s no coincidence that she cradles Bill’s body in that way before she leaves him to die.



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  1. This CANNOT be a coincidence. It is undeniably done on purpose. What a wonderful job you did in finding it!
    Violet did tell Jason that she was “Medieval Catholic” so the reference was totally for this scene. a clue, if you will. I love it when things make sense on the show, lol.

  2. As a catholic…I thought that at the time, Shad.  While the vamps are feeding on Bill he is in the posotion of a crucified Christ…good symbolism for the savior of vamp-kind.

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