How to Dress With a True Blood Vampire Style

Did you know that there was a Vampire style of dressing? Well, there is and there’s even a “True Blood” Vampire style of dressing. On True Blood, the “vampire style” for, at least, Stephen Moyer is very much a “style” thing that is relevant to each individual character’s personality.

In an article at, they discuss style on each of the the following vampire shows, Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries, but of course, we’re mostly interested in True Blood, so here’s what they had to say about our favorite show, specifically Stephen Moyer:

Who: If there’s one lesson to learn from “True Blood,” it’s that the clothes, truly, do not make the man. In Stephen Moyer’s own words, his character, “[is] very gentlemanly, asking, ‘May I visit with you at your home?’ It’s a sentimental, old-world kind of courting.” There’s no suit out there so fashionable so as to substitute for manners, boys.

His style in 140 characters: Dress plainly and functionally. Nothing says, “I’m stupid” faster than an “I’m with stupid” shirt.

What to drive: Something reliable and functional that isn’t too flashy. We would suggest the Avalanche but the plastic moulding is a little gaudy for us. Better to go with the old standard: Silverado with a cab suited to the number of kids you want.

What to wear: Appropriately, the fashion is much less glamorous in True Blood. Set in fictional Louisiana town in a world where vampires no longer have to hide because synthetic human blood is available for their consumption, this down-to(below?)-earth setup inspires homespun outfits that rely primarily on the man’s physique and chivalry to communicate his style.

To read the rest of the article which gives information on the other shows, click here.


  1. Entertaining article. Thanks, Lynn, for posting. As long as Bill turns up in henleys, leather jackets and jeans that show off his nicely-sculpted body, I’m a happy camper and very good to go. And I have to mention that the restaurant suit he sported was quite fine. Vampire Bill dresses up beautifully. As for his car … something classic, with style, but not ostentatious.

  2. Cute article! I’m picturing Bill in an “I’m with stupid” shirt now and can’t stop laughing. Love those southern manners our vamp is famous for.

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