HBO The Buzz: True Blood At 2011 PaleyFest

HBO has just released a video for “The Buzz” True Blood at PaleyFest 2011. We are taken to the Red Carpet at Paley Fest and also see highlights from the panel discussion.

There were a lot of the cast attending and some for the first time. All of the cast had lots of fun at the event, and so did we!

source HBO on YouTube


  1. Shad, the part I referred to is as follows: the interviewer asked the panel about strangest fan requests they had received. Stephen shared that husbands have come to him and asked him to speak to their wives in Bill’s voice because that will get them so laid. Laughter here and a cute exchange of looks between Stephen and Anna.

      1. It’s only available in the US. If we can find another version that makes it available outside the US, we will post it.

  2. Stephen may have to open Bill a phone line.
    Press one for Bill to say “You are mine”
    Press two for Bill to say “Darlin”
    Press three for Bill to say “I love you”
    Press four for Bill to say “I will not apologize for what you have awakened in me”
    Press five for Bill to say “I can smell the sunlight on your skin”
    And the list goes on…
    They would need a semi truck to deliever my phone bill. :)

    1. wk4b you are on to something – Bill ring tones! Proceeds for his charity. I would download it, but the instructions would have to be stupid proof.

  3. That man is just made to be in front of an audience! No one comes close to his wit, humor, smarts, and comfort level – just a natural.

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