HBO sends us True Blood Set Momentos

For seven years, Shad and I have been running The Vault – TrueBlood-Online and since 2010, just because we love True Blood so much. Now that the show is coming to an end we are very sad. However, we have many memories to savor, including our friendly relationship with HBO. This year, The Vault was able to be on the red carpet at the True Blood Premiere in Hollywood and have a reserved seat at the True Blood Panel at Comic Con, thanks to them.

Now, they have generously sent us some keepsake items from the set that we’re very proud to own. See the items below. Presumably, both the card and the picture were taken from Eric’s bar, “Fangtasia.”

The framed item is a “lithograph” or “silkscreen”, which is probably not real, but a photo of a lithograph or silkscreen, and a Fangtasia postcard. Each item has a lot number, so presumably they were originally earmarked for the HBO auction.

Note: I wonder if the lithograph is supposed to be Eric in the 18th century, or someone known to him at that time. I would have liked to have known the history of this gent!


Shadaliza and Lynn



  1. A lovely gesture by HBO to show their appreciation for all the work you two have done.  Nice to see it has not gone unnoticed. 
    It’s fun to imagine who the gentleman is  the portrait.

  2. That is amazing. But I know how hard you have worked for the good of True Blood and more than that I know for myself that you have made the lives of many kids, through your support of Brentwood Theatre, happier. Thank you for all you have done.

  3. Lovely, shad and lynn! You deserve recognition for all the work you’ve put in, keeping us all up to date on the TrueBlood news, the cast updates, and the related articles and interviews.  The Vault has been a goldmine of information for all of us fans….wonderful work!

  4. Glad they are giving you a few things and acknowledging all the ‘free’ promoting you’ve done for them and the show. Although I believe you’d say it was a labor of love, it is still nice that they acknowledge you.  How will we live without True blood? SO SAD THAT IT IS ENDING.

  5. You so deserve those momentos! This has been an awesome site and my go to place for everything and anything True Blood!

  6. I enjoyed first few seasons. Then it went downhill. The Lilith stuff was awful. Yea. Politics suck. Is why it should be kept out of shows like this. I have no problem cutting off liberal bs anymore. Have to do it. Screw hbo too.

  7. this show was my Favorite I’m so sad tonight’s the last episode Brian should of giving us 13 episodes since it was the last season  I loved every season  of Trueblood people who complained about any season are the reason why they ended trueblood  oonly thing I didn’t like is when they broke up Bill n Sookie n put her with Eric .I’m afraid to watch tonight’s episode but I’m gonna watch it my bill better live Eric n Pam should chain Bill up then pour Sarah blood down his throat

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