HBO Promo includes True Blood scenes from Season 3

Season 3

In tonight’t HBO promo after the airing of the teaser for Season 3, we got to see some snippets from Season 3 including Sookie, Jessica, Jason, Queen Sophie Ann and Eric and Bill.

Season 3

Here’s the promo:

And here’s a gif file of the Bill portion of this promo:

Thanks to Billsbabe LifeIsNotEasy! Great gif file and videos!

source of video:


  1. I am so excited about seeing Bill and specualate exactly what is happening in that scene. Dirty naked Bill I am happy tonight.
    Thank you Life as always

  2. I am dying to know myself what is going on. Waiting truly dues suck HBO, come on we need to know. I can’t wait. :-)

  3. Thank you, Life, for the gif and video. You rock, m’dear. Lots to think about with this promo. However, Bill has glamored me. I only have eyes for him. He’s uber hot in this snippet.

  4. He dosen’t look dirty to me.
    He looks somewhat pissed off maybe?

    Oh did I mention…

    1. Having watched him in slow mo countless times on both my tv and computer. I could be wrong and it could be the lighting but he looks like he has been in a dust up of some sort to me. Clean or dirty Bill was the highlight of the preview. ♥ I think our (Babes) reaction and chain reaction speaks for itself. :)

    1. A very wise humorist named Lewis Grizzard once said “Naked is when you don’t have any clothes on; Nekkid is when you don’t have any clothes on and you’re up to something.” I think you spelled it just right.

      1. Piper1715 – I LOVE that quote, and I’m going to use it sometime.
        Yes, Bill is definitely up to something, he looks so sexily (?)vampiric and dangerous – Yum!

  5. Oh, that gif was by far the best part of the promo!! Shirtless, sexy, dirty Bill slinking toward the camera? Yes, please!!

  6. Thanks Lynn and Life for bringing these videos to the sites.
    When I first saw the promo on TV, I thought it was a werewolf attacking Sookie. Now I’m thinking it could be Tara. Bare chested Bill looks HOT-could be the dream sequence with Sam. He could be in MY DREAM! Wondering what’s the story with our troubled Jessica. And what’s up with Eric and the Queen? Those two should just have sex and get it over with already!

  7. Memo to HBO :
    Bill Compton’s man fur is off limits. Wax, razors or depilatories are not to come in contact with his body. This is non-negotiable. By reading this memo you are agreeing it is a binding contract and is to be held in perpetuity.

  8. well…Stephen is so sexy also when he’s dirty…in this scene maybe he’s trying to free himself from the kidnappers: he seems angry and worried… In the others clips, we see Tara hurting Sookie: because she blames Sookie for Egg’s death?(Sookie helped him to recall Maryann’s mess). And last but not least, Eric and Queen Sophie Anne…is she angry with him for Bill’s kidnapping?

  9. OMG Bill looks so hot there, so primal, so sexy. I wonder what’s happening. Cannot wait for the new Season, and neked Bill/Stephen, Oh Yah, bring it!!! The more we see of Stephen, the better, preferably, neked!

  10. Oh yes, the best part of this promo is seeing Bill… dirty, shirtless & predatory, slinking towards the camera! Thanks Life for the gif & I second Willkills memo to HBO, Bills manfur is off limits! :-)

  11. Thanks for the great GIF – I just got caught with my nose up against the screen again ;)
    Can he feel Sookie, Jessica and Sam where he is? They’re all in distress too. My poor Bill, so many worries and responsibilities piled on so quickly. Good thing he has strong shoulders.

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