HBO presents quotes from True Blood Season 7 Trailer #1

Below are quotes from True Blood’s Season 7: Trailer #1.  Which one do you think was said by Bill?

Share your favorite quotes from the first trailer for the final season by leaving them in the comments below:

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  1. I hope Bill will be the old Bill,and care,and protect her!!…Gonna miss this show with a passion! :(

  2. Bill:  The past has caught up with the present.

    Sookie:  People blame me for what’s happened to this town.

  3. I sure hope the phrase: “The past has caught up with the present.” and all the old scenes of Sookie and Bill loving each other in that teaser clip mean that the story will come full circle and they will be reunited for good. it’s the only way to end the whole story.

  4. That was Jessica’s voice saying this quote right? Because of so I think she might be saying that to Andy because she hurt him when she killed 3 of his daughters so she will never hurt him again but protect him!

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