Hard-Hearted Hannah among best episodes of 2009

Hard Hearted Hannah

As 2009 winds down in a haze of repeats, Film.com took a look back at some of their favorite episodes of the year — limiting the choices to just one episode per series and they chose Hard Hearted Hannah as the best of True Blood.

Hard Hearted Hannah

I particularly liked this episode also since I’m always interested in seeing Bill’s past and it was one of the most ground breaking episodes with the wonderful writing by Brian Buckner and direction by Michael Lehmann. Stephen Moyer did an exceptional job of portraying “bloody” Bill in the 1920’s and his singing and playing the piano showed us how versatile he can be. Here’s what Film.com has to say as their reason for choosing this episode:

“Hard Hearted Hannah,” True Blood (July 26): There wasn’t as much of Eric as a good hour of True Blood typically has, but this was a pretty representative hour of the series, featuring a flashback that was the most violent scene in its history, as well as a whole lot of orgying going on, as Sam Merlotte learned his new girlfriend was less perfect for him than he had hoped.

Here’s more about the episode¬†Hard Hearted Hannah that we have reported about previously. And here’s a video from the episode.


  1. Good choice. I enjoyed the flashbacks of Bill and Lorena. Stephen wowed me with his singing. To go from tuxedoed Bill (or Guillame as he was known then) to the bloody bedroom was a real stretch. It was necessarily graphic to show what vampires are capable of and how these two killed with no reserve whatsoever.

    There were plenty of other story lines to follow in this episode. I’ve just zeroed in on Bill and his history with Lorena. Seeing this helped me understand their relationship better while they verbally and physically sparred in Bill’s and Sookie’s hotel room.

  2. This was one of my favorite episodes of the season, mostly for the stuff with Bill and Lorena. I think my favorite flashback in season 2 was in the next episode, where Bill implores mad Lorena to release him, but the flashbacks in this episode were stellar as well. Such a contrast between the urbane, charming Bill singing/playing a song and wooing the woman to him later ripping her throat out and…doing things with Lorena as the woman bled to death.

    It was almost too much to see this side of Bill, but I thought Stephen made it work and it showed us the baser instincts our Mr. Compton probably still fights every single day. Bill cherishes and clings to his humanity, but there was a time when he had none and it’s fascinating to see!

  3. Any episode that gives us more insight to Bill is good for me. Seeing Bill as blood thirsty was a bit disconcerting but at the time it showed us just how much he has evolved. It speaks volumes of his strength of character. He is a vampire after all so of course he has had some rather dark moments in his past and with just the right provocation that part of his vampiric nature could resurface. I am really hoping to see a lot more flashbacks of Bill.

  4. I thought it was definitely one of the best episodes of the season.
    The flashback alone to the 1920’s was visually stimulating. Beautiful costumes, and I so enjoyed the accents used by Bill and Lorena as they lured their prey.
    I remember well, before the season started, that Stephen mentions in an interview, that this episode was the most difficult for him to do. I could not wait to see what it was that this seasoned, talented actor found so difficult. I completely understood him after seeing it. His dismay over it, proves what a good man he truly is.
    This insight into Bills past with Lorena is such an important step to understanding the character of Bill. How he went from a good man to a monster under Lorenas “gentle” care and teachings. The fact that he found the strength of will to leave her, to strive towards his humanity again…..it made me love, support, and defend Bill all the more.
    I hope for many more flashbacks, with all the characters, in the future. They make the show.

  5. I loved this episode, difficult to watch as it was. Stephen’s performance was incredible – such range, from charming entertainer to murderous monster. But I loved the present-day scenes with Sookie and Sookie/Isabel/Hugo too. To go from that tender love scene and the caring and understanding Bill of the foursomes discussion in their hotel lounge, to the pure vampire Bill of the early days with Lorena was a startling contrast. I’m a big admirer of Season 2 Bill and the wonderful, brave performance Stephen gave. He had to show his character being vulnerable in a way that a powerful vampire is usually not shown. As an actor it must be difficult to go along with your character’s being humiliated and weakened, as all the Dallas scenes with Lorena showed.

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