Happy Holidays Giveaway Prize: Topaz earrings by Cadsawan

One by one we put the prizes in our Happy Holidays Giveaway in the spotlight. You can win these prizes by participating in our charity giveaway for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World. Read all the details here.


Giveaway Prize: a pair of Topaz earrings by jewelry designer Janet Cadsawan.

Janet Cadsawan has designed several pieces that were used on True Blood including Eric’s Viking buckle and Godric’s Thor hammer necklace. The topaz earrings that she donated to our giveaway are inspired by the Sookie Stackhouse novels in which Bill gives Sookie a pair or topaz earrings.

When I unpacked it, I found a black velvet jeweler’s box tucked in the side pocket. I wish I’d had the strength to keep from opening it, but I didn’t. Inside was a pair of topaz earrings, and a note that said, “To go with your brown dress.” From Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

These lovely earrings are made of topaz with silver and brass and gold plated silver earwires.

In the Cadsawan online store you can find more True Blood related jewelry.

Prize ships internationally.


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