Happy Birthday Stephen Moyer!

2015stevebirthdayStephen Moyer celebrates his birthday today (October 11).

Shadaliza & Lynn of AllStephenMoyer.com, and the Stephen Moyer fans wish him lots of luck, love, health and happiness and for every day to bring him joy!

Miss you much!



    1. Happy Birthday, Stephen! Wishing you a beautiful day, and every good thing in the year to come. Much love from me.

      (with apologies to Rosilyn for replying to her birthday post. This seems to be the only way I can leave my b’day greeting for Stephen).

  1. Happy Birthday Steve..sure miss seeing you and your beautiful wife on True Blood. Did you ever reconsider bringing it back>> PLEASE!! I would tune in every week! God Bless you and your family..

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