Happy 178th Birthday Bill Compton!




Bill Compton is 178 years old today, April 9, 2013!


AllStephenMoyer.com and the Billsbabes want to wish Stephen Moyer’s alter ego,
and all around luscious vampire, Bill Compton, a Happy Birthday!

Many Happy Returns of the Day, Bill!

P. S.  We hope Billith disappears real soon! We want our Bill back, please!


  1. ’tis a venerable age.  Our favorite vampire wears it well.  I’m thinking only of Bill Compton here, not Billith.
    Happy 178th, Mr. Compton.  Enjoy your special day to the fullest!

  2. Happy Birthday to Bill Compton, my one and only vampire. Best wishes to shedding your Billith persona and getting Sookie back.

  3. So many days for Bill to keep track of now. His birthday, his turning day and bloody re-assemblage day (I will never be okay with that last one).

    1. @wiwa I watched that last scene again today – Stephen was absolutely amazing. It was like the last episode of season 3, my heart was breaking but he was so bloody brilliant at the same time that I watched it over and over. The biggest shame in season 6 will be the absolute waste of the best face, voice and talent on that show if “Bill” is permanently transformed into this comic book monster. I know,”Birthdays” are supposed to be happy, so sorry about this.
      Happy Birthday, handsome Mr. Compton.

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