Happy Billsbabes Day 2012 !!!!! $1873 raised already !!!

Happy Billsbabes Day to all Billsbabes and Moyerists !!!

Saturday, April 28 is the day where Stephen Moyer fans come into action to raise funds for the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund.

Jayne and her husband Gregory have arrived at Brentwood Theatre with over 130 cookies to sell that Jayne spent the whole of yesterday baking. Natalie aka AphroditeMF will help to sell Zuzana’s angel pendants.

In the Bid N Buy Charity Shop the following wonderful items are for sale or auction:

  • Bookmarks by Alaitz (fixed price)
  • Pillowcases by Zuzana (fixed price ONLY 3 PIECES LEFT)
  • Chibi Bill and Sookie necklaces by Alysse (auction)

Check out all these wonderful items in our Bid N Buy Charity Shop.

Tonight we will start a special auction on eBay of plush dolls and signed photos.

When we started Billsbabes Day 2012 we set the goal to raise $2000 for the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund of Brentwood theatre. We are so proud and grateful to all who have participated that the goal has almost been reached.

Make your donation to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund

You can make a direct donation to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund using the below PayPal button that was provided by Mark Reed, administrator of Brentwood Theatre.

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