What TV Guide’s True Blood Feature reveals about Season 7


Two days ago, we published a post about TV Guide’s new issue titled Stephen Moyer Nails Biggest Blood spew scene – “The Bellagio.” That post was just part of the article that is published in this week’s TV Guide Magazine. The full article reveals more about True Blood’s final season, i.e., it is going back to the show’s beginnings, but also provides some surprises, such as:

  • Alexander Skarsgård is quoted as saying that Eric won’t rekindle things with Sookie, but that he does have an erotic scene with Jason.
  • By the series end, “Sookie will be forever changed.”

Read it all for yourself below and let us know your thoughts about all of this by leaving a comment below:

Get your copy of TV Guide Magazine which is on the stands now by clicking here.

Thanks to ThelLou for the scans.


  1. I’m not going to read it! Not going to read it! I have to keep telling myself that. I saw one spoiler Alert :)

  2. Y’all are very welcome!  How could I not scan this gloriousness?  My OTP, it sounds like you might finally get to take center stage again.  Yay for Bill and Sookie (and fingers crossed). :)

  3. A great article, with lots of great little tidbits for what’s to come.  I’m definitely feeling very optimistic for Bill… even if he and Sookie don’t end up together, it seems they will at least get a chance to work through everything that’s happened between them.

    Thanks so much for posting!  The Eric/Jason dream is going to be a riot!

  4. I hope she ends up with Sam just like in the books!! Sam is so patient and supportive of sooki when the vampires tell sooki she needs them and to hold back all the time fingers crossed for them:)

  5. WooHoo!  Thanks, Lou, for the scans. I’m excited for this season … even more so after reading this article.  It sounds like True Blood will go out with a glorious bang.  I’m a Bill-Sookie gal, of course, and am hopeful that they’ll end up together.  If not, I hope they will at least part as friends.

    Looking forward to the Eric-Jason goings on.  Yes!!!

  6. Sam has a baby and a wife but I have a feeling she or them both will be killed in massacre .. Sookie will become a vamp or kill all the infected vampires with her light and be fae no more ..

  7. Just live the Moment! …I …understand!! your pain !….Saying goodbye is never easy after all those years

  8. I forget what happened last, didn’t the season finale have like 15 vamps randomly attack everyone at the end? Also I hope Sookie and Bill get back together in the end, I watched this entire show in like, 2 weeks. Them breaking up was too sudden for me. Haha.

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